Тема: South African leader insists no lockdown International requests to lif


President of South Africa No lockdown avoid economic impact After the world is worried about Covid-19

On November 28, 2021, foreign news agenciesทางเข้า slotxoreported a speech by President Cyril Ramaphosa confirming that South Africa will continue to declare the alert level 1, meaning it will not. Enter the city lockdown at this time. and ask countries Lifting the travel ban from South Africa

President Ramaphosa admits that Omicron has mutated COVID-19 with multiple mutations. and found that during the time the number of infected people increased The ratio of positive results increased by 9% in less than a week.

South Africa will find a way to deal with the outbreak without affecting the economy. and asking people to prepare for the corona virus for a while

south africa leader Emphasize the importance of vaccines As the country is entering the fourth wave of outbreaks, asking those who have not been vaccinated Go to the nearest vaccination center immediately.

In addition, it has also asked countries to cancel unfair orders to ban travelers from South Africa from entering It said the order was unfair, discriminatory and lacking scientific evidence.