Тема: Brazilian Gold Mining for the Amazon Sand Dunes


Hundreds of canals dug raftsทางเข้าslotxoIllegal gold mining parade in Madeira River Great branch of the Amazon River in the state of the Amazon northwest of brazil after rumors that gold ore was found under the river Brazil's central government and local authorities are also involved. Responsibility for the ban

Reuters reported from Ortases, Brazil, on Nov. 25 that at least 300 canal rafts were anchored in a long line. In the Madeira River in Ortases Amazonas, a Reuters reporter noticed a cloud of exhaust fumes. Show that the raft sucks mud from the bottom of the river and pans for gold.

Gold Rush: Rumor has it that gold has been found in the area. It started with leaders from around the world attending the United Nations climate conference. in Glasgow in the UK Brazil announced at the meeting to increase measures to protect the Amazon forest.

But President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's far-right policy leader, has eased tougher enforcement of environmental regulations since taking office in 2019 and housing indigenous peoples from illegal deforestation groups and people. illegal gold mining

The Madeira River, which is 3,300 km long, originates in Bolivia. It flows through the Brazilian rainforest before entering the Amazon River.

A spokesman for Brazil's Ibama Environmental Protection Agency said illegal dredging in the Madeira River is not under the responsibility of the federal government. But it is under the jurisdiction of the Amazonas State and IPAAAM (IPAAAM) of the Amazonas Environmental Protection Agency.

But an IPAAM statement said the dredging raft was anchored in the Madeira River. within the limits of federal law The Brazilian National Mining Authority (ANM) is responsible for licensing. and the National Police Is there a duty to investigate criminal offenses? Traffic offenses and water pollution It is the responsibility of the Navy.

ANM released a statement in response, saying it was only responsible for legal mining. criminal division It is the duty of the police and the courts.